Short Story in English for Class 2

Looking for some New & Interesting Short Story in English for Class 2? Remember the thrill of bedtime stories? Laughter at silly antics, excitement of magical creatures, and warmth of friendship blossoming on the page are the treasures Short Stories hold. For young minds, Short Story in English for Class 2, these treasures become building blocks for language, imagination, and empathy.

10+ Latest Short Story in English for Class 2:

Dive into our 10+ Latest Short Story in English for Class 2 and discover diverse short stories – from furry animal adventures to fantastical journeys – specially chosen to captivate and nurture your little learners. Get ready to spark imaginations, build vocabularies, and unlock a world of joy through the power of storytelling!

1. The Clever Crow and the Cunning Fox

Short Story in English for Class 2

In a sun-drenched village nestled within emerald rice fields lived a mischievous crow named Chotu. Known for his sharp wit and elegant wings, Chotu often found himself in precarious situations. One scorching afternoon, perched atop a mango tree, Chotu spotted a plump, juicy mango dangling temptingly within reach.

As he prepared to swoop, a sly fox named Foxy trotted by, sniffing the air expectantly. “Ah, a delicious mango!” Foxy exclaimed, eyeing the fruit with hungry eyes. “But it seems a bit high for even the swiftest fox to reach.”

Chotu, sensing an opportunity, cawed loudly, “This mango is indeed ripe and sweet, but guarded by a fierce spirit! Only the purest of hearts can pluck it without harm.”

Intrigued, Foxy puffed out his chest. “Fear not, crow! I, Foxy, have the purest heart in the land!” He leaped towards the mango, but with a flick of his bushy tail, Chotu swooped down, snatching the fruit in mid-air.

“Alas, Foxy,” Chotu chuckled, “your boastfulness betrays your true intent. Only through honesty and patience can one truly find sweetness.”

Foxy, realizing his mistake, slunk away defeated. Chotu, sharing the mango with his friends, enjoyed the delicious reward of his cleverness and a valuable lesson learned.

Moral of the story: True sweetness comes not from trickery but from honesty and patience. Don’t be fooled by empty boasts, for true worth lies in your actions.

Short Story in English for Class 2

2. Raju and the Runaway Turtle

Raju, a mischievous boy with eyes sparkling like stars, loved exploring the mango groves. One afternoon, he stumbled on a tiny turtle, no bigger than his fist, stubbornly trying to climb a mango tree.

“Whoa, little fella!” Raju chuckled, picking him up. With his smooth, cool shell and curious brown eyes, the turtle became Tuki.

Days turned into weeks. Tuki lived in a cozy basket, enjoyed Raju’s company, and even had a string leash for their village walks. One morning, children rushed by, shouting, “Look! It’s Raja the runaway!”

Older boys approached, their faces filled with relief. “Raja!” one exclaimed, scooping up Tuki. “We’ve been searching everywhere!”

Raju’s heart sank. Tuki wasn’t lost, but a beloved pet named Raja had escaped. The boys explained Raja was special, raised by their grandfather for generations. They showered Raju with thanks, offering him sweet mangoes.

Though sad to part ways, Raju knew he’d done right. Lying under the stars that night, he realized true happiness wasn’t keeping someone close but ensuring their happiness, even if it meant letting them go. He smiled, remembering Raja’s joyful reunion, and knew he’d never forget their unique friendship.

Moral: Sometimes, the greatest kindness comes from letting go and helping others find their way home.

Short Story in English for Class 2

3. The Cunning Crow and the Clever Cat

Rani, a sleek black cat with eyes like emeralds, stalked through the bustling marketplace in Durgapur. Her whiskers twitched, sniffing out the enticing aroma of freshly baked jalebis. As she rounded a corner, a flash of black feathers caught her eye. Raja, a notorious crow with a mischievous glint in his beady eyes, perched atop a sweet vendor’s stall, eyeing a glistening jalebi with undisguised greed.

Rani knew Raja’s reputation. He was a master thief, always scheming to snatch treats without consequence. Today, she decided to teach him a lesson. With a playful swish of her tail, she feigned disinterest and strolled away. Fooled by her nonchalance, Raja swooped down, his paws aimed at the jalebi.

Suddenly, Rani sprang into action. With a powerful leap, she landed beside the jalebi, startling Raja. The surprised crow lost his balance and tumbled with a squawk. The vendor, alerted by the commotion, chased Raja away with a broom.

Dejected and ruffled, Raja landed on a nearby tree branch. Rani, perched regally on a fruit stall, addressed him with a purr, “Cleverness is important, Raja, but true wit lies in using it wisely. Don’t let greed cloud your judgment.”

Raja hung his head in shame. He realized Rani was right. He had been outsmarted not by strength but by cunning used for good. From that day on, Raja vowed to use his Cleverness to help others, earning the respect of crows and cats.

Moral: True wit lies in being clever and using it for good. Cunning without compassion can lead to trouble while using your skills to help others brings true reward.

Short Story in English for Class 2

4. The Lost Lentil and the Helpful Herd

Little Lakshmi, a sprightly calf with eyes as dark as monsoon clouds, skipped through the lush fields of Nadia, West Bengal. As she grazed, a plump lentil slipped from her dew-kissed muzzle and rolled away, disappearing into the tall grass. Panic welled up in Lakshmi’s heart. That lentil was meant for her grandmother, who relied on its nourishment.

Desperate, Lakshmi mooed mournfully, her call echoing across the fields. A herd of majestic elephants, led by the wise matriarch Rani, heard her distress. With her trunk that could sense the earth’s secrets, Rani rumbled a question. Lakshmi, through tearful moves, explained her plight.

Touched by the calf’s worry, Rani trumpeted a command. With their gentle feet and keen sense of smell, the elephants began to comb the field meticulously. One by one, they used their trunks to lift the grass, searching for the missing lentil gently. After a tense few moments, a young elephant named Gajendra trumpeted in triumph, his trunk holding the lost lentil aloft.

Lakshmi’s eyes shone with gratitude as she received the lentil from Gajendra. She nuzzled each elephant in thanks, her moos now filled with joy. With a wise rumble, Rani reminded the young calf, “Lakshmi, remember, even the smallest loss can feel big. But with kindness and unity, even the mightiest challenges can be overcome.”

Moral: No problem is too small when faced with empathy and collaboration. Even the smallest creature can find help from the most unexpected sources, reminding us that kindness and unity are powerful forces that can overcome any obstacle.

Short Story in English for Class 2

5. The Curious Case of the Missing Mangoes

Once upon a time, in a village nestled amidst mango groves, lived two little friends, Rani and Raju. With her bright eyes and mischievous grin, Rani was always up for an adventure. Raju, the calmer one, loved listening to her stories and tagging along.

One sunny morning, as the sweet scent of mangoes filled the air, Rani noticed something strange. “Raju,” she gasped, “look at our tree! All the mangoes are gone!”

Raju’s eyes widened. “But who could have taken them?” he wondered. The two friends, determined to solve the mystery, set off on a quest.

They first questioned the wise old monkey swinging from the banyan tree. “Hmm,” he chuckled, scratching his head, “perhaps the naughty parrots who love a juicy treat!”

Following the monkey’s clue, Rani and Raju climbed the mango tree, searching for the parrots. But instead, they found a trail of tiny paw prints leading away. “Could it be…?” they whispered in unison.

Following the paw prints, they reached the burrow of a grumpy old badger. Peeking inside, they saw no mangoes but a pile of shiny coins! The startled badger confessed, “I borrowed the mangoes to sell and get myself some new shoes. I promise to return them with interest!”

True to his word, the badger returned the mangoes and a basket of juicy guavas for Rani and Raju the next day. They learned a valuable lesson: sometimes, things aren’t always what they seem, and honesty is always the best policy.

Moral of the story: Don’t jump to conclusions! Always investigate and be kind, and things will have a sweeter ending. Remember, honesty is the best mango in any basket!

Short Story in English for Class 2

6. The Talking Tiger and the Missing Mithai

In the bustling heart of Kolkata, amidst colorful sweets shops and the clanging of trams, lived little Maya. Known for her insatiable sweet tooth, Maya’s favorite treat was her grandmother’s special Sandesh, a melt-in-your-mouth milk fudge.

One afternoon, as the aroma of freshly made Sandesh filled their home, Maya discovered an empty plate – the delicious mithai had vanished! Tears welled up in her eyes. Sensing her sadness, Grandma whispered, “Don’t fret, Maya. Perhaps our talking Tiger knows something.”

Intrigued, Maya followed Grandma to the bustling marketplace. A majestic Royal Bengal Tiger adorned with sparkling jewels sat amidst the vibrant fabrics and clanging utensils. He spoke like rumbling thunder, “Greetings, little one. What troubles you?”

Maya, overcoming her fear, explained the missing mithai. The Tiger chuckled, shaking the stalls, “The culprit is a mischievous monkey with a sweet tooth, hiding atop the tallest temple!”

With newfound hope, Maya and Grandma rushed to the temple. There, perched precariously, was the monkey, surrounded by Sandesh crumbs. Seeing them, he panicked and dropped the remaining mithai, offering it back in apology.

Touched by his remorse, Maya shared the Sandesh with the monkey. The Tiger, pleased with their kindness, roared, “Remember, little one, sharing is sweeter than any mithai!”

From that day on, Maya and the monkey became friends, enjoying Grandma’s Sandesh together. They learned that kindness and sharing always bring the sweetest rewards, even sweeter than the most delicious mithai.

Moral of the story: Sharing and forgiveness are sweeter than any treat. Remember, a kind heart is the tastiest ingredient in any recipe!

short moral story in English for class 2

7. The Mystery of the Missing Melody

Deep within the lush jungles of Kerala lived Akash, a young boy with a gift for music. He played his bamboo flute like a whisper of the wind, bringing joy to all who heard it. But one morning, something was wrong. His flute, usually nestled by his pillow, was gone!

Akash searched everywhere, his heart heavy as a silent song. He questioned the wise old elephant under the banyan tree, who trumpeted, “Perhaps the mischievous monkeys borrowed it for a jungle orchestra!”

Following the elephant’s lead, Akash found the monkeys swinging happily, each holding a piece of his flute! Akash was about to cry when a gentle voice hummed, “Don’t be upset, little one. Perhaps they can teach you a new tune.”

It was the peacock, its feathers shimmering like a rainbow. As the monkeys played, Akash listened closely. He learned their playful rhythms, incorporating them into his melody.

Akash played his new tune when the monkeys finished, blending his gentle style with their jungle beats. The forest came alive with applause, leaves rustling, and animals swaying. He had created a unique harmony, more beautiful than the original melody.

The next day, the monkeys returned his flute, impressed by his open heart and willingness to learn. Akash continued playing, his music now infused with the rhythm of the jungle, reminding everyone that the sweetest music is born from collaboration and open hearts.

Moral of the story: Open your heart to new experiences and learn from others. Sometimes, the best melody comes from listening to and blending different tunes!

short moral story in english for class 2

8. The Lost Diwali Lamp and the Little Firefly

A young girl named Anjali lived in a bustling Mumbai neighborhood amidst colorful rangoli patterns and the sweet smell of mithai. As Diwali approached, she eagerly helped her family paint diyas (clay lamps) and string twinkling fairy lights. But on the eve of the festival, disaster struck! Her favorite diya, adorned with intricate golden swirls, vanished.

Tears welled up in Anjali’s eyes. Sensing her sadness, her grandmother whispered, “Don’t fret, child. Perhaps the moon knows who borrowed your diya.”

Guided by her grandmother’s words, Anjali climbed to the rooftop, where the moon glowed like a giant silver lamp. A tiny speck of light caught her eye as she gazed at the night sky – a firefly blinking nervously.

Hesitantly, Anjali asked, “Little firefly, have you seen my lost diya?” The firefly flickered closer, revealing a tiny diya tucked beneath its wings. “I found it lying alone, missing its flame,” it buzzed apologetically.

Anjali’s heart melted. “Don’t worry, little one,” she said gently. “Let’s light it together.” Holding the firefly close, she carefully placed it inside the diya. Suddenly, the diya glowed with a soft, warm light, brighter than before.

Anjali, filled with joy, carried the lamp downstairs, sharing its light with her family and neighbors. They marveled at the unique beauty of the firefly-powered diya, symbolizing the warmth and kindness that Diwali celebrates.

As the night progressed, Anjali learned that true light shouldn’t be big and grand. Even the smallest spark, shared with kindness, can illuminate the world and bring joy to everyone around.

Moral of the story: Kindness and sharing can spark the brightest light. Even the smallest flame, shared with open arms, can create a beautiful Diwali and fill the world with warmth and joy.

short stories with moral in english for class 2

9. The Curious Camel and the Singing Sand Dunes

Deep within the vast Thar Desert lived a young camel named Raj. Unlike his brothers, content with munching on prickly cacti, Raj dreamt of adventures beyond the dunes. One starlit night, Raj overheard a haunting melody carried on the wind as the desert whispered secrets under the moon. Driven by curiosity, he ventured beyond his familiar dunes, the melody his guide.

The journey was long and treacherous, the sun scorching and the silence vast. But Raj persisted, his heart drawn to the song. Finally, he reached a cluster of towering dunes unlike any he had seen before. As he approached, the melody intensified, transforming into a chorus of voices emanating from the very sand itself!

Startled, Raj knelt, burying his ear in the cool sand. The voices spoke of ancient stories, lost cities buried beneath the sands, and a hidden oasis teeming with life. Mesmerized, Raj spent the night listening, learning the secrets of the desert spoken in the language of its wind and sand.

Returning to his herd, Raj shared his incredible experience. Initially met with disbelief, he finally convinced them to follow him. Guided by the singing sand, they reached the hidden oasis, a haven of lush greenery and sparkling water. News of their discovery spread, transforming their lives and the fortunes of their tribe.

Raj, the curious camel, became known as the Sand Whisperer, a bridge between his people and the desert’s hidden wonders. He learned that true knowledge lies in sight lis, listening, and understanding the whispers of the world around us.

Moral of the story: Curiosity and a willingness to listen can lead to amazing discoveries. The world is full of hidden wonders waiting to be unlocked by an open mind and a listening heart.

short stories with moral in english for class 2

10. The Firefly and the Frog

A lonely little frog named Ferdinand lived in a hidden pond nestled amongst the reeds. He loved watching the fireflies dance at dusk, their tiny lights twinkling like stars fallen to earth. But Ferdinand was too shy to join them, preferring to hide in the shadows, croaking a mournful tune.

One evening, a curious firefly named Luna landed on a lily pad near Ferdinand. Mesmerized by his sad song, she asked, “Why do you sing so sadly, little frog?”

Ferdinand, surprised, confessed his loneliness and fear of rejection. Luna, with her warm glow, smiled. “But the fireflies would love your song! It’s different, unique, just like each of our lights.”

Hesitantly, Ferdinand joined Luna in her dance, his croaks harmonizing with the fireflies’ clicks. At first, he felt awkward, but Luna’s encouragement and the gentle acceptance of the other fireflies warmed his heart.

As they danced, Ferdinand learned that friendship wasn’t about being the same but appreciating each other’s differences and creating a beautiful harmony. He discovered that his uniqueness was his strength, adding a deeper melody to the fireflies’ light show.

From that night on, Ferdinand and Luna became best friends, their laughter echoing across the pond. He learned that friendship blooms when you embrace your true self and share your light with others, no matter how different it may seem.

Moral of the story: True friendship celebrates your uniqueness. Don’t be afraid to share your light, even if it’s different, for it can create a beautiful harmony with others. Be open, be kind, and let your true colors shine!

Short Story in English for Class 2

11. The Lost Prince and the Talking Tiger

In the heart of a bustling Indian market, nestled amongst colorful fabrics and fragrant spices, lived a young prince named Ravi. Unlike other princes who yearned for grand adventures, Ravi yearned for freedom from the confines of the palace. One day, seized by an impulse, he slipped away, disguised as a commoner, venturing into the bustling streets.

Lost and overwhelmed, Ravi stumbled upon a hidden alleyway, where a majestic tiger, adorned with shimmering jewels, sat perched atop a pile of silk scarves. Startled, Ravi expected a roar, but the tiger spoke in a voice like thunder, “Greetings, little one. You seem lost. Tell me, what troubles you?”

Ravi, hesitant at first, poured out his longing for freedom. The tiger chuckled, shaking the very stones, “Freedom is not found within palace walls but in the journey of discovery.”

Intrigued, Ravi followed the tiger out of the city into the verdant jungle. The tiger, introducing himself as Raja, became his guide and protector. He taught Ravi the language of the jungle, the secrets of the stars, and the courage to face his fears.

Together, they outsmarted a cunning jackal, rescued baby monkeys from a poacher’s trap, and helped a lost elephant reunite with its herd. Through these adventures, Ravi discovered the thrill of freedom and the power of compassion, responsibility, and leadership.

One day, news of a storm ravaging the city reached them. Raja, though reluctant, knew Ravi had to return. With a heavy heart, Ravi returned to the palace; his heart changed forever. He used his newfound knowledge and leadership skills to guide his people through the storm, earning their respect and admiration.

Though he returned to his royal duties, Ravi never forgot his adventure with Raja. He became a just and wise ruler, his heart filled with the lessons of the jungle and the friendship of a talking tiger.

Moral of the story: True freedom lies in escaping and using your experiences and knowledge to make a positive difference in the world. Sometimes, the most unexpected adventures can teach you the most valuable lessons about yourself and your responsibilities. Always remember, the truest treasures are found in the journey, not the destination.

Short Story in English

12. The Monkey Mayor and the Mango Mishap

A new mayor was elected in the bustling town of Bandarbagh, known for its mischievous monkeys and even more chaotic politics. Not your typical human mayor, mind you, but a portly orangutan named Orangie the Wise (well, mostly wise).

Now, Orangie had a weakness – a deep, undying love for mangoes so deep that every Tuesday, his council meetings were held under his favorite mango tree, where he’d munch on juicy mangoes while pondering town affairs.

One fateful Tuesday, Orangie held a particularly important meeting: deciding the fate of Bandarbagh’s annual banana festival. As the monkeys debated passionately, Orangie, lost in the tangy bliss of a particularly delicious mango, accidentally dropped a pit right onto the council table.

Chaos erupted. Monkeys shrieked, accusing each other of sabotage. Orangie, flustered, tried to explain, but his garbled apologies only fueled the unrest. The meeting became a full-blown mango-flinging food fight, banana peels flying like confetti.

Just when Orangie feared total anarchy, a small, bespectacled monkey named Bablu stepped forward. Bablu, the town’s self-proclaimed intellectual, cleared his throat, “Fellow citizens! This admittedly messy situation presents a golden opportunity!”

He explained how the discarded mango pits could be used to grow new mango trees, increasing Bandarbagh’s fruit supply. The monkeys, tired of throwing fruit, listened skeptically. But Bablu, with his persuasive charm (and Orangie’s promise of extra bananas), convinced them.

The food fight transformed into a planting frenzy. The monkeys, with Orangie leading the charge (mango juice still dripping down his chin), dug pits and planted the seeds. Bandarbagh became a hub of mango-growing activity, and the annual banana festival thrived, now featuring delicious mango desserts alongside the bananas.

Orangie learned a valuable lesson (though he still loved his mangoes dearly). Sometimes, even a messy mishap can lead to something sweet and rewarding, all thanks to a little ingenuity and a willingness to monkey around.

Moral of the story: Don’t despair over mistakes! Even chaos can blossom into something fruitful with creativity and teamwork. Even messy situations can lead to delicious outcomes, especially when monkeys are involved!

Short Story in English for Class 2
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So, there you have it the article on Short Story in English for Class 2. From silly animals to daring adventures, each type of short story holds a unique key to unlocking young minds. Remember, the most crucial ingredient? Your passion! Share your stories enthusiastically, encourage questions, and watch their imaginations soar. Soon, their creative sparks will ignite, filling their world with colorful characters and endless possibilities. After all, isn’t every child a storyteller waiting to be unleashed? Happy reading, writing, and dreaming!

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