moral story in english for class 1

Moral Story in English for Class 1: As parents, teachers, and caregivers, we understand the profound impact that stories have on young minds. Moral stories, in particular, play a crucial role in shaping a child’s character, values, and understanding of the world. These simple yet powerful narratives not only entertain but also impart essential life lessons.

10 Best Moral Story in English for Class 1:

In this article, we delve into a collection of delightful Moral Story in English for Class 1 students. These tales are not just bedtime stories; they are seeds of wisdom that will grow with the children, influencing their choices, empathy, and sense of right and wrong.

So, let’s embark without any delay on this storytelling journey, where each story carries a valuable lesson—a lesson that will resonate with young hearts and stay with them as they navigate life’s adventures.

The Wise Old Owl:

Once upon a time, in a dense forest, there lived a wise old owl named Hoot. Hoot was known for his sagacity and kindness. Animals from far and wide sought his advice.

moral story in english for class 1

One day, a young squirrel named Nutty approached Hoot. “O Wise Owl,” Nutty said, “I want to be the fastest squirrel in the forest. How can I achieve that?”

Hoot smiled. “Listen carefully, Nutty,” he said. “Speed alone won’t make you great. Instead, focus on perseverance and determination. Train every day, but also help others. Kindness and hard work will take you far.”

Nutty followed Hoot’s advice diligently. He practiced tirelessly, but he also shared his acorns with hungry birds. Gradually, Nutty became not only the fastest squirrel but also the most beloved one.

Moral of the Story: Kindness and diligence lead to true greatness.

Moral Story in English for Class 1

The Lost Toy:

Once upon a time, there was a puppy named Puppy who lived in a forest. One day, Puppy was playing in the forest when he lost his favorite toy, a squeaky bone. Puppy looked everywhere for his toy, but he couldn’t find it. He was very sad.

Just then, Puppy saw a kitten named Mittens sitting in a tree. Mittens had a big smile on her face. Puppy asked Mittens if she had seen his toy. Mittens said that she had found it and that she would give it back to him if he did her a favour.

Puppy agreed to do Mittens a favor. Mittens asked Puppy to help her get down from the tree. Puppy climbed up the tree and helped Mittens down. Mittens thanked Puppy and gave him his squeaky bone.

The Puppy was so happy to have his toy back. He thanked Mittens and ran home. He learned that helping others can make you feel good, even if you lose something in the process.

Moral of the Story: Helping others is always the right thing to do, even if it means losing something yourself.

Moral Story in English for Class 1

The Peacock and the Fireflies

Raja, a dazzling peacock, strutted through the garden, his vibrant feathers captivating all. One night, he spotted Tara, a shy firefly, hiding her tiny glow. “Why hide, little one?” he asked. “Shine like the stars!”

Tara trembled. “But I’m small,” she whispered. “Everyone will laugh.”

Raja smiled warmly. “Every light, no matter how small, adds magic to the night. Just like the stars, your twinkle matters.” His words sparked courage in Tara. Her light grew brighter, and other fireflies, inspired, joined her.

Soon, the garden glowed with a breathtaking dance of light, even surpassing Raja’s splendor. He realized true beauty wasn’t just in individual brilliance, but in the collective magic of many lights, regardless of size.

Moral of the Story: Embrace your unique light, no matter how small. Together, we create a more beautiful world.

Moral Story in English for Class 1

The Helpful Hummingbird and the Lost Ladybug

Lily the ladybug felt a bump, then tumbling! She landed upside down, clinging to a leaf far from her ladybug family. Tears welled up in her tiny eyes. She missed her warm, cosy home under the big flower and her playful siblings.

Suddenly, a flash of emerald green hovered near. It was Henry the hummingbird, buzzing happily. Spotting Lily’s tears, he tilted his head. “Why the long face, little friend?” he chirped.

Lily sniffled, “I got lost from my family! I don’t know how to get back.”

Henry’s ruby chest puffed with determination. “Don’t you worry, Lily! I know these leaves well. Hop on my back!”

Lily, surprised but hopeful, climbed onto Henry’s soft back. With a whir of wings, they soared through the air. Henry pointed out landmarks: the dewdrop pond, the tall sunflower patch, and their favourite climbing vine.

Finally, they spotted a cluster of red ladybugs under the big flower. “There they are, Lily!” Henry announced, landing gently.

Lily jumped into her mother’s warm embrace. “Oh, Lily, we were so worried!” her mother exclaimed. The whole family cheered, relieved and grateful.

Lily turned to Henry, “Thank you for saving me! You’re the best!”

Henry chuckled, “Helping others is what hummingbirds do! Anytime, friend.”

From that day on, Lily and Henry became the best of friends. They explored the garden together, spreading kindness and reminding everyone that even the smallest creatures can make a big difference.

Moral of the Story: Kindness knows no size. Even the smallest among us can help others and make a big difference in the world.

Moral Story in English for Class 1

The Lost Chick and the Helpful Hen

Little Chikoo, a fluffy yellow chick, was excitedly exploring the farmyard with his siblings. He chased butterflies, pecked at pebbles, and chirped happily. But in his excitement, he strayed too far from his mother, Henny. He looked around, but his siblings were gone. Panic fluttered in his tiny chest. He was lost!

Tears welled up in Chikoo’s eyes. He peeped sadly, but no familiar cluck came back. Just then, a gentle voice clucked softly, “Are you lost, little one?” It was Amma, the wise old hen. Chikoo sniffled and nodded. Amma clucked comfortingly, “Don’t worry, little one. I’ll help you find your mother.”

Amma led Chikoo around the farmyard, asking other hens if they had seen is mother. Finally, near the haystack, they found Henny frantically searching. The reunion was filled with happy clucks and excited peeps. Henny nuzzled Chikoo, scolding him gently for wandering off.

Moral of the Story: Always stay close to your loved ones, and if you get lost, don’t hesitate to ask for help from kind strangers. You never know who might be your Amma in disguise!

Moral Story in English for Class 1

The Tortoise and the Hare: A New Twist

Jonathan Tortoise lumbered along the dusty path, his shell heavy on his back. He sighed, watching Harold Hare zip past in a blur of brown fur. “You’ll never catch me, slowpoke!” Hare taunted, leaving Jonathan in a cloud of dust.

Jonathan wasn’t bothered. He knew his strength wasn’t speed, but determination. He plodded steadily forward, humming a cheerful tune. He stopped to admire a ladybug on a leaf, shared a snack with a hungry ant, and even helped a lost butterfly find its way back to its flower.

Meanwhile, Hare, confident in his lead, decided to take a nap under a shady tree. He dreamt of victory parades and juicy carrots, snoring soundly. When he woke, the sun was setting, and panic surged through him. He raced down the path, but to his dismay, Jonathan was nowhere to be seen.

Exhausted, Hare reached the finish line first, collapsing in a heap. But the crowd was silent. He looked up to see Jonathan, surrounded by cheering animals, holding a golden trophy. Confused, Hare asked, “How did you win? I was so much faster!”

Jonathan smiled kindly. “It’s not just about speed, my friend. It’s about perseverance, kindness, and enjoying the journey, not just the destination.” Hare, humbled, realised he had much to learn.

Moral of the Story: True success comes not only from speed and talent, but also from dedication, empathy, and appreciating the small moments along the way. Just like Jonathan, even those who seem slow and steady can achieve great things through perseverance and kindness.

Moral Story in English for Class 1

The Lost Button and the Kind Jacket

Jasper the jacket loved his buttons. Shiny and golden, they held him shut on chilly days and kept his pockets secure. But one button, Bartholomew, was particularly adventurous. He yearned to see the world beyond the jacket’s seams.

One windy day, Bartholomew’s chance came. A strong gust tugged him loose, sending him tumbling to the ground. Lost and scared, he rolled along the sidewalk, feeling abandoned.

A tear fell from Bartholomew’s eye. But then, something warm scooped him up. It was Luna, a soft scarf, who had lost a button of her own. She saw Bartholomew’s sadness and offered him a home amidst her colorful threads.

Bartholomew, initially hesitant, soon found joy in his new life. He helped Luna keep warm and secure, just like he used to do for Jasper. He learned that friendship and purpose could be found in unexpected places.

One day, Jasper, missing his lost button, felt a familiar bump against his pocket. Bartholomew, reunited with his friend, realized he didn’t have to stray to be happy. Together, they held Jasper securely, their friendship stronger than ever.

Moral of the Story: Sometimes, what appears lost can lead to unexpected joy and new friendships. Just like Bartholomew, we may find our true purpose not where we expected, but by embracing the journey and helping others along the way.

Moral Story in English for Class 1

The Busy Bee and the Patient Spider

Buzz the bee zoomed from flower to flower, collecting pollen in his busy frenzy. He never stopped, always rushing to gather more, more, more. One day, he landed next to a web, where Webby the spider sat patiently.

“Why aren’t you out collecting like me?” Buzz buzzed impatiently. “Look at all this delicious pollen I’ve gathered!”

Webby chuckled. “I gather too, my friend,” she said, pointing to her web. “But instead of flowers, I catch tasty treats that fly my way.”

Buzz scoffed. “But that’s so slow! You only get what comes to you.”

Webby smiled. “Patience, my friend, is a virtue. Sure, you gather quickly, but I build something beautiful and useful with what I catch.”

Intrigued, Buzz watched as Webby patiently repaired a tear in her web. Later, he saw a juicy fly get caught, and Webby happily enjoyed her meal. He realized Webby’s way, though slower, had its own rewards.

From then on, Buzz slowed down a bit, appreciating the flowers and pausing to chat with his neighbors. He even helped Webby mend her web sometimes. He learned that different approaches have their place, and patience truly is a sweet nectar in life’s garden.

Moral of the Story: There’s more than one way to achieve success. Be like Webby and Buzz, and learn to appreciate different approaches and the value of patience in your own journey.

Moral Story in English for Class 1

The Crafty Crow and the Clever Cat

Kaliya, a cunning crow with feathers as black as night, loved collecting shiny trinkets. She swooped down from rooftops, snatching buttons, bangles, and even the occasional rupee coin. Her nest overflowed with treasures, making Kaliya feel important.

One day, Kaliya spotted a golden locket shimmering on a clothesline. It had a beautiful picture inside, and Kaliya yearned to add it to her collection. But as she swooped down, she was caught in the laundry line, her wings tangled and helpless.

Just then, Rani, a ginger cat with watchful eyes, noticed Kaliya’s struggle. Ignoring their usual rivalry, Rani cautiously approached and began untangling the thread with her sharp claws. Freed, Kaliya ruffled her feathers, surprised by Rani’s act of kindness.

Ashamed of her greed, Kaliya returned the locket, explaining her desire to possess it. Rani purred, “True happiness doesn’t come from stolen things, Kaliya. Use your cleverness for good, like helping others.”

Touched by Rani’s words, Kaliya decided to change her ways. She used her keen eyes to help reunite lost belongings with their owners, earning grateful smiles and delicious treats. Kaliya learned that true riches came not from hoarding, but from the joy of helping others.

Moral of the Story: Happiness and true wealth come from doing good for others, not from selfishness. Like Kaliya, let us all use our talents and resources to help those in need, and we will find true fulfillment in making our world a better place.

Moral Story in English for Class 1

The Sleepy Cricket and the Busy Ant

Chirpy, a cricket with restless legs, loved zipping through the grass, singing his lively songs all night. He scoffs at Antsy, an industrious ant always carrying crumbs ten times her size. “Why work so hard, Antsy?” he’d chirp. “Live a little!”

One rainy day, Chirpy found himself shivering, hungry, and stuck under a leaf. His music couldn’t warm him, and no one was awake to share food. He saw Antsy, dry and warm in her cozy anthill, munching on stored goodies. Shamefaced, Chirpy apologized.

Antsy smiled. “Planning ahead isn’t boring, Chirpy. It brings security and joy later.” From then on, Chirpy saved some food and learned to appreciate both work and play. He even helped Antsy gather leaves for the winter.

Moral of the Story: Balance is key. Enjoy the present, but plan for the future. Like Chirpy, learn to appreciate both the fun and the responsibility, and you’ll always find your song, even when the sky turns gray.

Short Moral Stories in English for Class 1

The Sharing Sunflower

Sunny the sunflower loved basking in the sun, his big yellow face always smiling. But today, he felt sad. All the other flowers buzzed with excitement, sharing stories about the seeds they’d given to the birds. Sunny, however, had no seeds to share. He was the only sunflower who hadn’t bloomed yet.

A wise old butterfly saw his gloom. “Little one,” she fluttered near, “sometimes happiness comes from giving even when you have little.” Sunny tilted his head, confused. The butterfly explained how she often shared pollen with other flowers, helping them bloom even though she couldn’t make her own.

Inspired, Sunny focused on soaking up the sun’s warmth, sending his bright energy to the other flowers. He watched their colors deepen, their petals open wider. Soon, his own petals began to unfurl, revealing dozens of tiny seeds nestled within.

When he finally bloomed, Sunny shared his seeds with all the birds, his heart filled with joy. He learned that kindness and generosity, even in small ways, can bring the greatest happiness.

Moral of the Story: Sharing brings joy, even when you feel you have little to give. Let your kindness bloom and touch the world around you!

Moral Stories for Class 1 in English


10+ journeys, 10+ lessons, 10+ sparks within your hearts. These stories may be short, but the morals they hold are vast. They whisper of kindness that makes the world brighter, of honesty that builds bridges of trust, and of perseverance that conquers mountains.

But these tales are just seeds waiting to bloom in your minds. Did a story resonate with you? Did a character’s choice spark a question, a new understanding? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Let’s create a garden of shared wisdom, where each blossom enriches the others. Remember, your voice matters, and your story is waiting to be told. You can also suggest us to write some Stories in English.

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